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This S.B.A quote is valid for a period of 90 days. Local Govt. fees may change due to council policy, without notice. The Local Govt. fees are in accordance with the Local Govt. current Schedule of Fees & Charges at the time of quotation. In non-sewered areas the type of on-site disposal is subject to percolation test results. Development contributions may not be known at the time of the Development Application Lodgement but will be assessed by the Local Govt. at a later date.
All additional Development Contributions will be invoiced from the Local Govt. to the Owner/Agent of Owner. S.B.A. are not engaged to certify siting of the building work as this responsibility lies with the owner identifying the boundaries by registered survey to the satisfaction of the builder. The engagement for certification is under the Building Act 1975 and does not certify compliance of the work with Planning Scheme Self Assessable Codes or Conditions of Planning Scheme Code Assessments which do not relate to the Building Act.

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